This Is What You Should Be Wearing When You Fly

24.04.2017 | 16:19

Slightly oversized, and non-pinchy in every way, overalls combine the ease of a jumpsuit with the other-sort-of-ease of a pant (alright, fine — they're much easier to undo in an airplane bathroom).There's something to be said about the woman who still dresses to the nines at the airport. She's elegant, she's evolved, and she respects the glamour of travel — but doesn't she also limp the entire half-mile trek to the end of the terminal? We understand that there's no reason to wear your Sunday hangover clothes when you're out in public; we're all for putting in a little effort. The outfit you wear on the plane is also the first thing you'll wear at your destination, after all, so your first impression's at stake. But, if your clothes prevent you from getting past security swiftly, booking it to your gate, and sitting comfortably for your three- or 13-hour flight, you've got to rethink.

There's a whole world that exists between pajamas and formalwear, and plenty of clothes that not only help you get snuggly in your seat, but also make sense after landing. So, in anticipation of all your holiday wandering, we've put together a 15-piece wardrobe for in-flight and beyond that you should reference before you book that Uber to the airport.


  1. The Turtleneck Sweater

In case your scarf is going around your lap and your plane blanket is going behind your back, you'll appreciate some extra warmth by way of a higher neckline.

        2. The Slip-On Shoe

Plane cankles  are very much our reality, and anything that laces up or requires squeezing into is a no-go. A slip on loafer is easy to put on back on after the flight (and during security), and won't require you to sleepily re-lace your entire shoe.

        3. The Longline Cardigan

Lucky for you, longline sweaters are everywhere this season. This item of clothing looks outdoors ready, but let's be honest: It's a blanket in disguise. Plus, it allows you to quickly cover up the crazy layering you had to resort to in order to make more room in your carry-on.

        4. The Compression Legging

Not just for your grandparents, a good legging that really sucks things in is going to help you to keep swelling at bay. Medical-grade ones mean serious business, but jogging leggings and performance legwear will help, too.

       5. The Fashion Hoodie

With a slim fit, a substantial hood, and materials not typically found in high school locker rooms, the fashion hoodie is appropriate for everyday wear, and still looks put-together as long as you're not pairing it with sweats.

        6. The Midi Skirt

A longer-length full skirt is basically an invitation to curl your legs up inside. Look for a skirt in a heavy, natural materials like suede or thick jersey.

        7. The Zip Boot

For climates where you need a little more warmth, a slick ankle boot (with a zip, never laces!) is your answer moving through the security line quickly, and looking sharp while you do.

       8. The Substantial Gaucho

Free of fussy pleats and flimsy fabric, the fall version of the gaucho is the perfect plane pant for a couple reasons. First, it's cozy without being restricting (it's super easy to curl up in these). Second, it looks as polished as work trousers thanks to clean lines and substantial fabric.

       9. The Casual Gown

Made of jersey, soft cottons, or viscose, the casual gown works for weekend wear, but isn't so easy-going you'd ever wear it to the beach. Good for cold-to-hot or hot-to-cold travel, this dress also feels as cozy as your robe.

       10. Silk- Blend Top

Though it seems light and airy, silk is actually one of the warmest materials, which makes it perfect for chilly cabins. But, a 100% silk shirt wrinkles as soon as you sit down, so you should look for a silk-poly blend, which tend to look crisper, longer. Choose a print if you're especially worried about wrinkling.

       11. The Technical Trouser

A suiting pant that's got a little bit of stretch in it is going to be able to move and stretch as you move and stretch, without ending up criss-crossed in wrinkles. The trick is to find a pair with a touch of Lycra and synthetic fibers.

       12. The Vest

Keeping your body and neck warm while leaving your arms free to move around, a vest gets you snuggly without any of the suffocation. Plus, you can keep your chapstick and plane tickets in those pockets instead of loose in your bag...somewhere.



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