15 Best Things to Do in NYC

04.07.2017 | 12:06

When you're visiting a city, the pressure to see and do everything is intense. Not to mention, it's hard to stay on top of what's happening in a city that's not your own. We get it. We also get that the best experiences are as much about the how as they are the what. Meaning, you can go to Central Park, just like everyone else, but do you really know how to do it? How to find those quiet, picturesque nooks that only the locals know, and take advantage of the nearby great coffee shops you wouldn't make it to otherwise? That's why, in the following list of things we think every visitor to New York should do, we’ve built in tried and true strategies and tips—like where to get an excellent chocolate chip cookie when you’re touring the new Whitney, because you can't fully appreciate Diane Arbus if you're in a pissy, low blood sugar–induced mood. And, when you're done exploring (or just need a break), grab a table at one of  these restaurants or hit one of the bars we come back to again and again.


 1. Make an art pilgrimage to the Upper East Side


2. Eat your way through Eataly


3. Hit the High Line & the Whitney


4. Spend a night in Koreatown


5. Explore Central Park


6. Go shopping downtown (but skip Soho)


7. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge to Dumbo


8. Make a (really great) night out of Hamilton


9. Take your kids to Prospect Park


10. Navigate Fifth Avenue


11. Stay late at the Met


12. Revisit Lower Manhattan


13. Gallery- hop in Chelsea


14. Shop & drink in Williamsburg


15. Bike Manhattan' s West Side



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