Etihad terminates free chauffeur transfers

07.07.2017 | 15:02

Although the Middle Eastern Carriers; Qatar, Etihad and Emirates are rated as the top airlines for First Class and Business Class travel. In fact, they all feature in my top 10 best business class airlines in the world. Lately, we have seen some notable cutbacks across these airlines.

Both Emirates and Etihad now offer ‘paid for’ access to their Business and First Class lounges. Emirates no longer offers free wi-fi for heavy users (not a bad thing as the number of people using Wi-Fi on Emirates was so high that the Wi-Fi was rendered useless on some flights).

Etihad is now stopping its free chauffeur service at all airports except for Abu Dhabi. Only one group of passengers who travel in the Etihad A380 Residence will get a car.



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