Barracuda Collapsible Carry- On Luggage

07.07.2017 | 16:16

For some serious innovation in your carry-on luggage, look no further than the Barracuda Collapsible Carry-On. The list of funky new features are as impressive as the stylish finish with this one.

I love it when a new product comes to market that solves both problems that always irritate me in my travelling life, as well as solving things that I didn’t even think of! When you’re a frequent traveller, whether for business, pleasure or a bit of both, your luggage is essential to you. I often think of mine as a little home I take everywhere with me, so it has huge importance and has a huge list of requirements to answer to.

The Barracuda Collapsible Carry-On Luggage Case is truly a World 1st: it’s collapsible, has an amazing Ergonomic Handle System, a USB charger and so many features all designed to make your travels easier. Being collapsible means that when it’s not in use, it can be flattened right down and takes up much less storing space, I find this useful at home, but also really useful when I’m away as I always like to tidy my case away – it can even be hung in the closet! You’ll be the envy of everyone in the airport as it includes its very own laptop and drinks tray with two cup holders! The USB charger is perfect for giving your phone or tablet a boost if their batteries are getting low and the 10,000 mAh battery pack means it’s no slow charge either and has capacity to charge most phones five times. The unique and ergonomic Halo Handle System™ looks great and rotates a full 360° and can then be locked in one of six positions, during this saves you from getting cramped hands and wrist. Contained within your case is a “stuff” bag which contains a large laundry bag and a pair of shoe bags to keep your clothes free from shoe dirt. There’s also a portable digital scale so you know exactly how far over your carry-on allowance you are. You can also add-on a location tracking device to track your case if ever it gets lost which also includes a clever little proximity sensor to alert you when your Barracuda arrives at the baggage carousel, no more playing spot the case!

This is no practical, boring suitcase, it’s very stylish too and comes in a range of fab colours including black, gray, blue, gold, red and pink; the pink suits me but my husband loved the gray. It’s not just us that think the Barracuda offers something special, GQ, The Verge and Yahoo TECH all give glowing reviews.

As well as being a really cool product, it has a really cool back story: Silicon Valley engineers and travel industry veterans came together to design something a little special and raised $1.75 million through crowdfunding campaigns to bring the product to market!

“Our world-wide crowd-funding contributors have made this all possible,” said Boban Jose, founder of Barracuda. “We are thrilled to be almost current on all pre-orders and look forward to working with our new retail partners.”



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