The 16 greatest cities for a winter break

23.10.2017 | 14:36

 1. Seville

Is Seville the perfect city for a winter break? Not if you like Christmas markets and snow, but if you’re after warmth, good food and glorious architecture, it’s unbeatable.


2. New York

Unlike Seville, the Big Apple gets cold in winter, Very cold, but it’s no less alluring.


3. Venice

“In Winter, Venice is a marvelously eerie place of footsteps echoing along misty alleyways”, says Anne Hanley, Telegraph Travel’s Venice expert.


4. Athens

Chris Leadbeater explains: “Athens is a year-round city where you can always find a lively bar on the hip nightlife street of Kolokotroni- or a fine restaurant on Miaouli in food- centric area Psirri”.


5. Berlin

“The German capital becomes a whole other city in winter. The lake freeze over, the pavement seating is packed away and the sprawling infrastructure of cafes, bars, museums, galleries and theatres comes into its own”, says Paul Sullivan, Telegraph Travel’s Berlin expert.


6. Madrid

The Spanish capital is the highest in Europe, 664 m, which means crisp, cold weather in winter”, says Annie Bennett, Telegraph Travel’s Madrid expert.


7. Nice

“Rich and noble Britons wintered in Nice in the days when they class rather than simple celebrity”, says Anthony Peregrine, Telegraph Travel’s France expert.


8. Palma de Mallorca

“The Mallorcan capital is not enormous- but it is a fabulously Spanish city whose huge cathedral La Seu may just be the country’ s most impressive”, says Chris Leadbeater.


9. Rome

“In Winter, Rome is at its most Roman. Package Tourists are few & far between, and for the more enterprising DIY visitor, December, January and February offer a great chance to enter into the life of the city”, says Lee Marshall, Telegraph Travel’s Rome expert.


10. Barcelona

“Unless you’re a real beach bunny, there is no better time to visit Barcelona than in winter”, says Sally Davies, Telegraph Travel’s Barcelona expert.


11. Vienna

“Despite the low temperatures (which can drop well below zero- even during the day), there’s plenty of life on the streets of Vienna in winter”, says Diane Naar- Elphee, Telegraph Travel’s Vienna expert.


12. Valletta

“Malta’s capital has been a European crossroad for centuries- thanks to a deep natural harbor whose broad walls have as much visual impact now as in medieval times”, says Chris Leadbeater.


13. Amsterdam

“The gabled houses along the canals appear as crisp as ice; in cosy and welcoming wood- paneled cafes, you can sip Gluehwein beside an open fire”, says Rodney Bolt, Telegraph Travel’s Amsterdam expert.


14. Paris

“In winter Paris transforms from City of Lights to City of Fairylights”, says Telegraph Travel’ s Natasha Edwards.


15. Nicosia

Chris Leadbeater explains: “The border with the unrecognized state of Northern Cyprus cuts through the Cypriot capital. But travellers with an EU passport can wander between the two halves of a city where the Selimye Mosque, on the Turkish side- once the St. Sophia Cathedral- sums up the island’s complex past”.


16. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

“In the south east of the biggest Canary island, Santa Cruz is a splendid secret”, says Chris Leadbeater.



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