Lufthansa releases “sneak preview” of B777-9 business class seat

04.12.2017 | 11:48

Lufthansa has published a rendering of the new business class seat which will debut on its B777-9 aircraft from 2020.

According to a post on the carrier’s official media relations Twitter page, the new seat will offer more privacy, “a special shoulder zone for side sleepers”, as well as larger monitors, and aisle access for all passengers.

Lufthansa has 20 of the next-generation Boeing aircraft scheduled for delivery between 2020 and 2025.

The exact configuration of the new seat has yet to be confirmed, but it will see Lufthansa move away from its current business class layout where those in window seats are forced to step over passengers to access the aisle.

Earlier this year Boeing released full technical details of its future B777-9 series aircraft, with recommended seating plans revealing that the unpopular ten-across (3-4-3) economy class layout will almost certainly be adopted by airline customers.



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