5 Rome aperitivo bars that are too good to miss

16.11.2016 | 13:37

Negroni, Prosecco, cocktail: this is all the Italian you need for aperitivo hour during your business trip.

The tradition of aperitivo maybe a typically Milanese past time, but Romans, as they have for centuries, revere their old traditions and embrace the new. The same holds true for eating & drinking. Combining the two? The perfect mixture. Experience the best that Italy’s capital has to offer with our pick of the top five spots for the best aperitivos in Rome.


1. Casa Bleve

Serving wines from some of Italy’s finest vineyards by the glass or by the bottle, the family-run Case Bleve is an elegant enoteca. The sophisticated space with its soaring stained glass ceiling and well-stocked wine cellar that can been seen through glass inserts in the floor is spacious and calm. Make sure to visit the cellar for a glimpse of a first century Augustan era Roman wall.


2. Caffè Farnese

It’s all about the location at the simple Caffè Farnese on the edge of the dignified Piazza Farnese. Order a classic Italian cocktail like a Negroni or an Aperol spritz as the sun sets while you peer into the spectacular frescoed ceiling inside the Michelangelo-designed palazzo that is now the Embassy of France. Spot the two large fountains on either side of the piazza that were brought from the Baths of Caracalla in the 16th century and are emblazoned with fleur-de-lis, the symbol of the Farnese family.


3. Casa Coppelle

This jewel box of a place in a jewel of a piazza not far from the Pantheon is the destination for an intimate cocktail. Designed by Jacques Garcia, the space has a luxe clubby feel. The setting is cosy, tucked into a nook with deep hued walls and edged with rich velvet drapes. Steal up to the gilded bar and have a drink expertly created by a master. Snack on freshly shucked oysters, a plate of Italian cheeses or nibble a decadent foie gras sandwich.


4. Fafiuche

In the vibrant Monti district only a stone’s throw from the Colosseum you can perch on modern white cubes set on the cobblestones and sip a flute of Prosecco or a glass of wine chosen from the ever expertly curated changing menu. There is a rich buffet that serves bruschetta, cold cured meats, pasta and crudités to accompany your tipple.


5. 'Gusto Wine Bar

The selection of fine wines at 'Gusto makes the buffet even more appetising. Discover the bruschetta, mini-sandwiches, pizzette, and other tasty treats at this laid back, feel-good restaurant.



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